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title: BillStar
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# ![The new BillStar logo. Copyright 2020 Thomas Obernosterer](billstar_50x50.png) BillStar
......@@ -28,11 +28,11 @@ This new update includes the following features as of yet:
* Brand new Logo/Icon by Kathrin Schelch
* App Settings
* Ability to enable/disable "Notify on Scan", not everyone likes getting a notification every time they add a bill
* Ability to enforce Dark Theme, maby you like a Light Android theme but a Dark App theme
* Ability to enable/disable "Notify on Scan"
* Ability to enforce Dark Theme
* Ability to enforce Portrait Mode
* German Translation, yes the app is now finally German. This is required as it is only ment to be used in Austria!
* Show Tax None and Tax Special in Details, this is needed as Austria has a reduced Tax rate right now and they are saved in Tax Special
* German Translation
* Show Tax None and Tax Special in Details. (Tax Special is required right now due to the 2020 Tax relaxation)
And theses fixes:
......@@ -46,4 +46,12 @@ You can track progess in [this milestone](
* Unmarked Issues and Issues with "To-Do" are awaiting Development
* Issues with "Doing" are currently being Processed
* Issues with "Testing" are implemented and are being field tested
* Closed issues are done and wait to be released
\ No newline at end of file
* Closed issues are done and wait to be released
## Amazon AppStore launch
We are currently thinking about releasing BillStar on the Amazon AppStore in September 2020.
The current thought is that it will first be released only for Huawei Devices (again).
In the months following the release we will slowly allow other devices to install the App, starting with Sony and Nokia devices.
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