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The Konfig File Format is a custom and simple Configuration file.
# Extensions
+ knf
+ konf
+ konfig
+ kon
+ kff
# Format
Konfig has one of the simplest configuration formats.
This is the basics:
+ Lines starting with `#` are comments
+ Every non-comment line **MUST** have a `=`
+ Every line **CAN** have spaces, underscores, dashes and dots as keys (left side of `=`)
+ Every line **CAN** have any type of data (right side of `=`)
+ Every line holding a list **MUST** use `[]` around `,` separated data
# comment
another_key=Another Value
another-key=Yet another value!!!1!
another.key=Jup some more data
# Data Types
+ Int: key=1
+ String: key="hello"
+ List: key=[1,2,3,"hello"]
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This format is now documented here: [OpenSpec Konfig 20.2](
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