Project Creation Restrictions:

By creating a project, you accept to the following points:

  1. never use swear words or bad words in the project title, name or description
  2. never publish Illegal or Dangerous Software
  3. never publish Illegal copied software or a copy of software without original License
  4. never create a project to spam our system
  5. never create a project to use as much space as possible to harm our system
  6. never create a project to harm other people

If you still do one or more of the above, you'r project or account might get blocked or deleted!

Projects or Accounts deleted due to doing such things will not be recovered! all data will be gone forever.

[If we detect a project going against the above, we will take it down and contact the repository owner which will get 24 hours to remove content going against the above.]



Indem Sie ein Projekt erstellen, akzeptieren Sie folgende Punkte:

  1. Verwenden Sie niemals Schimpfwörter oder schlechte Worte im Projekttitel, Name oder Beschreibung
  2. Niemals illegale oder gefährliche Software veröffentlichen
  3. Veröffentliche niemals illegal kopierte Software oder eine Kopie von Software ohne Originallizenz
  4. Erstellen Sie niemals ein Projekt, um unser System zu spammen
  5. Erstellen Sie niemals ein Projekt, um so viel Platz wie möglich zu nutzen, um unser System zu beschädigen
  6. Erstellen Sie niemals ein Projekt, um anderen Menschen zu schaden

Wenn Sie immer noch einen oder mehrere der oben genannten Schritte ausführen, wird Ihr Projekt oder Konto möglicherweise gesperrt oder gelöscht.

Projekte oder Accounts, die aufgrund solcher Aktionen gelöscht werden, werden nicht wiederhergestellt! Alle Daten werden für immer verschwinden.

[Wenn wir ein Projekt feststellen, das gegen das oben genannte verstößt, werden wir es ablehnen und den Besitzer des Repositories kontaktieren, der 24 Stunden Zeit hat, den Inhalt zu entfernen.]

GitLab Community Edition

GitLab is open source software to collaborate on code.
Manage git repositories with fine-grained access controls that keep your code secure.
Perform code reviews and enhance collaboration with merge requests.
Each project can also have an issue tracker and a wiki.
Used by more than 100,000 organizations, GitLab is the most popular solution to manage git repositories on-premises.
Read more about GitLab at

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GitLab Documentation

Welcome to GitLab, a Git-based fully featured platform for software development!

GitLab offers the most scalable Git-based fully integrated platform for software development, with flexible products and subscription plans.

With GitLab self-hosted, you deploy your own GitLab instance on-premises or on a private cloud of your choice. GitLab self-hosted is available for free and with paid subscriptions: Libre, Starter, Premium, and Ultimate. is our SaaS offering. It's hosted, managed, and administered by GitLab, with free and paid plans for individuals and teams: Free, Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Shortcuts to GitLab's most visited docs

GitLab CI/CD Other
Quick start guide API
Configuring .gitlab-ci.yml SSH authentication
Using Docker images GitLab Pages

Getting started with GitLab

User account

  • User account: Manage your account
    • Authentication: Account security with two-factor authentication, setup your ssh keys and deploy keys for secure access to your projects.
    • Profile settings: Manage your profile settings, two factor authentication and more.
  • User permissions: Learn what each role in a project (external/guest/reporter/developer/master/owner) can do.

Projects and groups


Manage your repositories from the UI (user interface):

Issues and Merge Requests (MRs)

Git and GitLab

  • Git: Getting started with Git, branching strategies, Git LFS, advanced use.
  • Git cheatsheet: Download a PDF describing the most used Git operations.
  • GitLab Flow: explore the best of Git with the GitLab Flow strategy.

Migrate and import your projects from other platforms

Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment

  • GitLab CI: Explore the features and capabilities of Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment with GitLab.
    • Auto Deploy: Configure GitLab CI for the deployment of your application.
    • Review Apps: Preview changes to your app right from a merge request.
  • GitLab Cycle Analytics: Cycle Analytics measures the time it takes to go from an idea to production for each project you have.
  • GitLab Container Registry: Learn how to use GitLab's built-in Container Registry.


  • API: Automate GitLab via a simple and powerful API.
  • GitLab Webhooks: Let GitLab notify you when new code has been pushed to your project.


  • Project Services: Integrate a project with external services, such as CI and chat.
  • GitLab Integration: Integrate with multiple third-party services with GitLab to allow external issue trackers and external authentication.
  • Trello Power-Up: Integrate with GitLab's Trello Power-Up

Administrator documentation

Administration documentation applies to admin users of GitLab self-hosted instances: Libre, Starter, Premium, Ultimate.

Learn how to install, configure, update, upgrade, integrate, and maintain your own instance. Regular users don't have access to GitLab administration tools and settings.

Contributor documentation

GitLab Community Edition is open source and Enterprise Editions are open-core. Learn how to contribute to GitLab:

Quick help